The Day that I Die

The Day That I Died
The day that I died kids were playing outside
The sun was out, folks taking a drive to the countryside
No-one cried, or even realized I was ever alive
No one recognized that bum on the train slumming for change
Stumbling in pain, but we are one and the same
Before today I had a name
Corporal Willie James, I flew fighter planes
You know, in the big one
No, no not this one, not as many victims
I was a kid then
Given my missions, I didn’t pick them
It was either that or prison
So I chose enlistment
See I killed for the GI bill
There’s no need to read my will
I couldn’t leave nothing but a button
And got no-one left but a cousin
And he ain’t coming
On the day that I died

I’ve been laying here for quite a while
I guess it’s been a long time since the day that I died
They never understood, neither did I
They said I had it all but was acting like a child
I played a deadly game against myself
Stared in my reflection looking for someone else
Starved myself to find a way to satisfy
All the voices arguing inside my mind

The day that I died nobody came to my side
Birds stayed in the sky, bees celebrated the hive
My inner child cried and I must hate him inside
I tried so hard to kill him when I was alive
See sometimes death wears a disguise
Just another guy that was once careful and wise
Now I got nurses afraid to stare in my eyes
It hurts to leave my parents alive
Living with the lies that I tried to hide
Not to mention the lovers that I sentenced to death
With my penchant for sex
Sweet words and a tender caress
Guilty of innocence and I meant to confess
Maybe next time I’ll remember to check
Unfortunately next time will never be next



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